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Hi, I'm Aapeli! Two defining features of my character are: a deep curiosity for understanding what drives the world forward; and a need to always be solving new, tough problems. I'm particularly interested in using advanced technology and mathematical modelling to come up with creative solutions and to make awesome products. I find that the projects I work on increasingly rely on data, so I've lately been concentrating a lot on machine learning, statistics, and other data related areas. By formal training I'm a mathematician and statistician, but I've always had a passion for software engineering. Feel free to get in touch if you like what you see on this site. I'm always open to exploring new things with other creative, smart people.

Around 2 minutes (335 words). Published 2018-12-07.

Quick tip: Search any website instantly with Firefox keywords

If you are a programmer—like me—you might’ve realise that you spend a lot of time on StackOverflow; and if you are very attentive, you may also conclude that most of that traffic comes directly from a searh engine. Now, being a natural efficiencer, you ought to be thinking: “is there really no way for me to search StackOverflow with the same ease as my preferred search engine?”

Or you might, as I do, have a tendency to regularly look up the definitions or synonyms for words. After I stopped using Google as my search engine, I started gravely missing the “define” feature. It didn’t take long, however, to find out that that dictionary was actually just licensed from the Oxford English Dictionary, and so now I go directly to the OED when I need a dictionary or a thesaurus.

By creating a Firefox keyword bookmark, you can easily search any website simply by prepending your query in the address bar.

Setting up a keyword search using the right click menu

Suppose you wanted to be able to search StackOverflow by simply entering so, followed by the query. To do this, navigate to the StackOverflow website, and right click on the search bar. Choose the option to “Add a Keyword for this Search…”:

Screenshot of howering over the "Add a Keyword for this Search..." option while right clicking the search bar on the StackOverflow frontpage.

On the popup menu that appears, enter so into the “Keyword:” box:

Screenshot of entering `so` into the "Keyword:" box after clicking on the previous option.

That’s it!

Screenshot of typing `so firefox keyword search bookmark` into the address bar.

You can now search StackOverflow simply by prepending your query with so.

Screenshot of typing the results page of StackOverflow after searching for "firefox keyword search bookmark".

Setting up a keyword by creating a bookmark

You can also set up a keyword search by going into the bookmarks menu, and selecting “New bookmark”:

Screenshot of bookmarks menu while hovering over the "New bookmark" option

Then name the bookmark as you wish, and add the location. Be sure to replace the search terms with %s, and give the bookmark a keyword by writing define in the “Keyword:” box.

Screenshot of the new bookmark popup with filled in values.

You now have the keyword set up!

Screenshot of entering `define proletariat` into the address bar.

You can now look up the definition of any word by adding “define” in front of that query in the address bar:

Screenshot of the definition of "proletariat".